Transforming the Nervous Little-Self Through Higher Awareness

Access to higher states of consciousness is innate in our neurology.

The problem is, most of us spend so much time run by the survival focused Limbic System - the part of us concerned only with survival, security, ownership, time and space (the tense little greedy creature self) that the majority of our sense of self is embedded in this framework. We identify with (ekhart tolle alert:) The Pain Body; The Gollum in us whose sole focus is securing our need for outside power sources, and is so unable to Self Source it’s well being that it's shriveled up and grey.

The nervous system is encoded with feedback loops that keep us in stress, fear, and self doubt. Anyone who has experienced trauma knows how hard it can be to shift out of a triggered state when it arises, and many live in a constant state of stress, rarely experiencing reprieve of expanded perspectives through which flood in forgiveness, compassion, inspiration, love, trust, and awe. As Matt Khan said: "The ego is a just an over stimulated nervous system."

Your pain/fear and Ego Trip is literally embedded in your nervous system, inherited through intergenerational/collective imprinting. The inflamed pain body is not a Sovereign, expansive, individuated (ie. cleared of collective unconscious imprints) Being - but it can be dissolved into the Higher Self.

Sometimes this happens all at once but usually: bit by bit, through the cultivation of energetic discipline (integrating and mastering our physical emotional, mental, and spiritual responses).

Humanity has always had healing technologies that understand the need to clear the energy of trauma that embeds in the nervous system, and restore us to our better selves. We see many of these traditions as mystical because of the quality of the states of consciousness they can instill - but they are also our innate neurology cultivated into it's most resonant, integrated, coherent form. Through they are totally mystical, too.

Shifting from Limbic System to the fore brain literally gives our neurology a chance to reorganize itself. Shifting in to the higher mind through the frontal lobe/fore brain allows us to open the nervous system up to be informed and re-calibrated by the part of us that can see beyond trauma and stress.

This is why prioritizing our ability to deal with stress and why very practical self care is crucial if we want to transform. We have to make the nervous system feel safe on a very primordial level. We have to task the higher mind with tending to it, and by doing so we communicate to ourselves that it is okay to release the tension and to shift into restoration mode (rest 'n' digest).

Every time you sit down with yourself in mediation (whatever type works for you), you are bringing the frontal lobe into coherence with the limbic system and bridging the body and the mind, the animal self and the higher self. Every time we reclaim our ability not to have our awareness swept away by the chemical firings of the inflamed nervous system, we grow this higher awareness. We affirm our identification with Pure Awareness.

As the higher mind as our Pure Awareness travels into the body through the Vague Nerve (or in Yoga: the Shushumna, the energetic channel running through the spinal column and into the third eye) the higher self becomes again the captain of the meat ship and purifies the energy body as it heals the nervous system, and lights up our electromagnetic field (the mystical Aura!), and changes our very sense of self. We transform our base emotional responses into higher octave expressions of life. The higher vision we have of ourselves begins to encode itself in the nervous system where once there was only stress and fear, and our lives begin to change.