private (online) guidance sessions : Together we will tap into your innate abilities to heal, clear, awaken, and empower yourself as an intuitive, magical, open hearted being.

Gifted in perceiving energies, I will tune into where you are holding distortions and knots in your energy system, and through breathe, energy healing, story, coaching, guided visualizations, and intuitive reading, we will:

-Learn what practices you can embrace to restore your nervous system to it’s right functioning as crystal clear conductor of your most refined self

-Undo the deep knots that keep you rigidly resisting your deep dark magical abilities

-Activate your powerful energetic system to bring you fully in touch with your intuition, compassion, creativity, and visionary brilliance.

-Alchemize your pain into your gift by going beyond shadow work and into deep communion with the medicine of the darkness

-Claim your emotional, intellectual, and spiritual sovereignty; calibrate into your true form.

Know that your power, your grace and your brilliance is activated not when you learn to fix yourself of your strange sensitivity or to close down your all-seeing-eyes, but when you unravel your knots to find that what's been secreted away inside of you is in fact your unique, gnarly magic.

to book a 60 minute 1 to 1 healing and guidance session or
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